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Across the Triangle, AABS, Inc. provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the following three principles: professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

Our services offer both support and opportunity. AABS truly is your place for financial advocacy. We serve small businesses and Seniors in Apex, Cary, and the surrounding Western Wake County area.


We understand every client has different needs.

AABS promises that each client receives close personal and professional attention to match their individual needs.

Our high standards of service, along with specialized certifications, set AABS Inc. apart from other firms.

IRS Enrolled Agent


We believe business and client financial needs do not stop at 5:00 p.m.

Through the use e-mail, social media, our website, and telephone, we are always available for our clients.

People who choose AABS Inc. rely on our competent advice and fast, accurate response to questions.

Certified Senior Advisor


AABS Inc. is known across the Triangle for the quality of our services. Our primary goal as trusted advisors is to provide accurate advice that enables our clients to make informed and educated financial decisions.

We believe it is extremely important to continually improve our expertise, financial knowledge and client service.

Our team is certified:

  • Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
  • National Association of Enrolled Agents (EA)
  • American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM)
  • National Association of Tax Preparers
  • Quickbooks Pro Advisor

This Month's Featured Article – AABS Helps Apex Baby Boomers Determine When to Take Social Security

Posted on October 10, 2014 by AABS Inc.

stockimages, freedigitalphotos.net aabs 1 10-14As Triangle Baby Boomers approach retirement age, questions about Social Security benefits are common. What age is best to retire? How much money will come from Social Security? Is it advisable to keep working? These are all good questions and seniors need answers.

At All About Benefitting Seniors near Historic Downtown Apex, we will help answer these questions and any others concerning Social Security benefits and retirement. Together, the staff at AABS will examine the pluses and minuses of an early withdrawal, as well as the possible wait until age 66 for full benefits. Some individuals wait until age 70 for delayed benefits. There’s also different approaches that can be used with a spouse’s benefit that needs to be looked at as well.

AABS can also offer some simple suggestions on how to live within individual means during retirement while collecting from Social Security. More than 127.5 million Americans do not live within their means and struggle from paycheck to paycheck. This includes seniors receiving their monthly Social Security check. A rule of thumb is to spend less to live within your means while receiving Social Security. 

Here are five advice-driven suggestions:

  • Use comparison shopping by checking with local retailers for prices and sales on appliances and other big ticket items.
  • Coupons can save you many dollars each month at the grocery stores. Scan the local newspapers or the web for grocery coupons.
  • Create meal plans for the week and purchase only what is needed for each meal.
  • Shop once a week as the more times you shop, the more you’re likely to spend on impulsive items.
  • Save energy by turning off lights when not in use, unplug appliances that are not in use such as the toaster, and install energy efficient light bulbs in the house. 

Our office is convenient to many in Southwest Wake and local seniors are welcome to call during business hours. At AABS, we will evaluate options for Social Security benefits and answer any other financial questions that arise.


This is an information only post and is not considered to be legal financial advice but is meant to be helpful to all those who read it. It is brought to you by the professional team at AABS, INC., located in Apex, NC.

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